A Beautiful Truth: Boracay Turquoise turned Green

The Republic of Boracay vs Algal Bloom People noticed what appeared to be an ugly sight of green seaweeds on the long-stretched White Beach. Main Issue: Did it really kill its beauty? Was there malice? Was murder committed? Bloom pleaded not guilty. The real intention Bloom reside temporarily and seasonally is to warn us that Boracay has become too rich — nutrient rich, that it pollutes the beach, so that less people will be swimming around — to alienate you. Nobody wants to walk on the greens at the beach. People only love swimming in the turquoise waters. Don’t let appearances fool you. You have to … Continue reading A Beautiful Truth: Boracay Turquoise turned Green


Dumaguete City is attractive to foreign retirees because of the low cost of living and also the slow pace of life.  We noticed many of them down the boulevard enjoying a chat with their friends. It’s a smoke-free city. Also, it is a great place to visit for a food trip because there’s a lot of good restaurants, especially around the Boulevard. You won’t have any problems with the transportation because there are many tricycles available to take you from your doorstep to anywhere around the city for a minimum of P7.50/P8.00. To go to farther places, you can take jeepneys or … Continue reading WHEN IN DUMAGUETE

Staycation | the homebody in me

This was the last thing I expected to enjoy. Staying home for days never crossed my mind before. Yet, I have afforded myself a weeklong ‘staycation‘. Never spent a single cent. Never went farther out the front gate. Never craved for a cup of Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Never tasted Potato Corner fries when visiting a mall. Never jogged at the paved roads. Never got sunburns or darker skin from staying long at the beach or in the mountains. Never sneezed at the smell of the still good used clothes at the ukay-ukay or secondhand stores. These things I used … Continue reading Staycation | the homebody in me

Dulang-dulang Kitanglad Traverse Sticky post

D2K Traverse | Climbing the 2nd and 4th highest peaks in the Philippines

The traverse from Mt. Dulang Dulang to Mt. Kitanglad is one of the most challenging trails I have braved. The majestic mountains belong to the Kitanglad Mountain Range, a popular destination for Filipino climbers due to its elevation, views and difficulty. Mt. Dulang Dulang (D2) is the … Continue reading D2K Traverse | Climbing the 2nd and 4th highest peaks in the Philippines

Ilocos Itinerary. Windmills Sticky post

Ilocos Norte Trip | tourist spots we visited in Vigan, Laoag, Pagudpud and La Union

A better way to learn more about our country’s culture and history is to travel to Northern Luzon in a shoestring budget and experience the local life. Take delight in riding the kalesa in Vigan and marvel at its old world charm. More history awaits in Laoag and there’s fun and excitement at the sand dunes of Paoay and a relaxing treat of serene white beaches and lovely blue skies in Pagudpud. Continue reading Ilocos Norte Trip | tourist spots we visited in Vigan, Laoag, Pagudpud and La Union

Food Trip: Tawilis | Only in the Philippines

This one-of-a-kind fish is endemic only to Taal Lake in Batangas. You can’t find this anywhere else in the world. The world’s only freshwater sardinella (small sardines) believed to have evolved from a marine sardinella species in Balayan Bay. Taal Lake was formerly an extension of the bay but was completely separated from the marine waters after a series of large volcanic eruptions in the 18th century – thereby restricting the fish within the lake and turning them into an entirely freshwater kind. Researchers identified tawilis as related to Taiwan’s and Northern Luzon’s marine sardinella based on their morphology and … Continue reading Food Trip: Tawilis | Only in the Philippines