d2k itinerary guide

ITINERARY Dulang Dulang – Kitanglad Traverse (D2K)

Dulang-dulang – Kitanglad Traverse (D2K) Climb

Sample Itinerary
March 14 – 19 including sidetrip

Download PDF copy of our Budget IT with our Notes
Day 1  March 14,  Friday
11:30 Assembly MIA
12:30 ETD AirAsia
13:30 ETA
14:30 ETA CDO
18:00 ETA Malaybalay
18:30 Take a jeep to Lantapan. Dinner
20:30 ETA Lantapan.
21:30 Prepare next day climb then Sleep
22:30 Lights Off
Day 2 March 15, Saturday
05:30 Wake-up Call, Prepare Breakfast and Pack Lunch and Self
07:00 Courtesy Call With Datu Attend Ritual Sacrifice by the Talaandig Tribefolks .
08:00 Start Trek
11:00 ETA (River) Take a rest, Prepare for Lunch
12:30 Resume trek
16:00 ETA Manny’s Garden Campsite
17:00 ETA Mt. Dulang-dulang Summit, Set up Camp
18:30 Prepare Dinner
21:00 Lights Off
Day 3 March 16, Sunday
06:00 Wake-up Call, Watch Sunrise
06:30 Prepare for Breakfast and Pack Lunch
07:30 Break camp
08:00 Start Of Traverse, Steep Descent
12:30 Lunch on Trail
13:00 Resume Trek
15:00 Start of (HALIK NI HUDAS TRAIL)
18:00 ETA Mt. Kitanglad Summit Set up camp (bunkhouse)
19:30 dinner,socials
21:30 Lights Off
Day 4 March 17, Monday
05:00 Wake-up Call, watch Sunrise
06:00 Prepare for breakfast  and pack lunch
07:00 Start to desccent Via intavas trail
12:00 lunch on trail
15:00 ETA sitio intavas (end point)
16:00 Take a jeep to Malaybalay
16:30 ETD Malaybalay
19:00 ETA CDO
19:30 Dinner
20:00 Check-in Hostel
21:45 ETD Super Ferry for Ems(those who don’t want to join the sidetrip to CDO-Bukidnon)
Day 5 March 18, Tuesday
06:00 Breakfast
07:30 Pick up from hostel
09:00 Start Rafting
11:00 Lunch
13:00 Free Time. Chill2
14:00 Dahilayan Forest Camp
Day 6 March 19, Wednesday
09:00 Buy Pasalubong
10:30 ETD CDO
12:30 ETA Laguindingan Airport.
14:50 ETA MIA
15:30 Home Sweet Home
16:00 Unpack Bag
17:00 Upload Photos :))

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