APO ISLAND & TWIN LAKES (Cebu – Dumaguete) Itinerary and Notes

We traveled by car from Cebu City to Liloan Port, Santander. From there we took a banca ride to Sibulan Port then rode a jeepney to Dumaguete. In the afternoon we went to the Twin Lakes and spent a night in a Dumaguete hostel, then early morning the next day we went to Zamboangita wharf and took the 30-min boat ride to Apo Island.

Cebu to Dumaguete, Negros. MyTravelDigest
Off to Dumaguete riding a motor boat that carries around 90 passengers for a P35 fare. (Liloan Port, Santander)

The water is calm during summer, but most of the time it is going to be a rough ride. There is nothing to worry though as boat incidents are rare; it is just a 30 minute ride from Zamboangita to Apo Island and coast guards require all passengers to wear a life vest. So sail away for an underwater adventure!

Below is our Apo Island and Twin Lakes via Dumaguete Itinerary with a few notes.

Cebu – Dumaguete  to  Apo Island Itinerary and Notes

Day 1

7:30  ETD Cebu City. We traveled by car. You can also take a Ceres Bus from Cebu South Bus to Dumaguete Ceres Terminal via Oslob for P280 fare and takes around 5 hours ride.

9:15  Carcar. For snacks/stop-over.

11:30 Santander. Banca Port/Liloan Wharf. We parked the car at a store owners parking space for P30/day.

11:45 Ride motorized boat with P35 ticket and P2 terminal fee. The boat can carry about 90 passengers and it leaves every 30 minutes. The sea trip only lasts for 30 minutes, too. There’s also a fast craft in Liloan Port where the Ceres Bus stops with P65 fare to Sibulan and is also around a 30-minute ride.

12:15 Sibulan Port

12:00 Take Jeepney to Dumaguete City

12:20 Arrive in Dumaguete near Public Market

12:30 Check-in Hostel (Vintage Inn)

12:45 Lunch (Robinson’s Place)

13:30 Back to hostel. Rest.

15:00 ETD Balinsasayao Twin Lakes in Sibulan.

15:10 Take Jeepney going to San Jose, Sibulan. It’s located near a Caltex gas station. You have to wait for the jeepney to be full. Fare is P15.

15:50 Arrive in the Jump point to Twin Lakes. There are many habal² drivers waiting in line there. They charged P200/person one way.

16:30 Danao Lake. First Smaller Lake.

16:45 Balinsasayao Twin Lakes. Activities available: Boating/Kayaking/Swimming.

18:00 Back to the waiting shed area to wait for a bus or jeeney going back to Dumaguete.

18:30 Dinner at Ching Loong. (There are many good restaurants around.)

20:00 Walk around the boulevard.

Day 2

5:00  Wake up call. Just a tip, since you will get wet during the banca ride to Apo Island, better wear your swim clothes (e.g. swim shorts/rashguard) before hopping the boat. And don’t forget your sunblock lotion and a big bottle of water.

6:00 Dumaguete Bus Terminal. We took an aircon bus for P50. Look for a bus with a signboard “Bawayan”.  No non-aircon, which is cheaper, was near-full that time. Fare for the jeepney and non-aircon bus is P20/30.

6:50 Arrive at Zamboangita. You’ll see a signboard: This way to Apo Island. Walk by the deserted flea market road (market opens every Wednesday) to the banca wharf.

7:00 Breakfast at a small eatery/karenderia in Zamboangita. They offer really good puto and sikawati. Tip: you can buy your lunch here, it will be cheaper, or you can buy fresh seafoods here in the market to cook/grill them later, or buy food in Apo Island but it will be a little more expensive.

7:45 Ride the motor boat for 30 minutes. The rates were standard. The roundtrip Prices are below:

Small Boat: P2,000.00 for 4 persons (max is 6 persons). Additional is P250/head.

Big Boat: P3,000.00 for 7 persons (max is 12 persons). Additional is P250/head.

There’s also a Public Boat for P300/head per trip if you are travelling alone or less than 4 but you have to wait longer as it’s less frequent. Since we are only three, we waited for other persons to share the ride for the small boat to Apo Island. Luckily, a couple  from Luzon (Ed and May) agreed to share with us. The first trip is as early as 6am and going back is until 3pm-4pm.

Note: Waterproof your things especially gadgets during the boat ride. Our bags were placed in the bottom compartment of the boat and it did not get wet because the water was a little calm that time but just to make sure, better waterproof your belongings. Expect that you will get wet while hopping in the boat and all the more during the boat ride, so it’s better to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from water splashes.

      Other fees:

Entrance Fee – P100.00/per person. Once you arrive, a local will lead you to the Registration Office and find a snorkeling guide for you.
Cottage to leave your things while swimming – P200.00/group
Guide Fee – P300.00/group
Snorkel Rental – P100.00/per person
Life Vest – P100.00/per person
Shoes/Fins – P100.00/per person

12:45 Back to Zamboangita Port. We went back to Zamboangita  early because our newly found friends need to catch a flight in Dumaguete Sibulan Airport to Manila. We took our shower bath here and changed to dry clothes.

13:30 Bus Stop at Zamboangita. We waited for about 30 minutes for a bus ride. Some buses didn’t stop because it’s full but the Ceres bus that we rode on is also very full – we were just standing the whole time. The bus fare going back is cheaper at P25.00

14:30 Snacks at Sans Rival – the most popular cakes and pastries shop in Dumaguete.

15:30 Ride Jeepney to Sibulan port. You can ask the tricycle driver to take you to the jeepney parking area.

16:00 Ride Bangka for P45 fare including the terminal fee.

16:30 Back to Liloan, Santander.

17:00 Drive Back to Cebu

18:30 Dinner Stop

21:30 Back to Cebu City

3arrowDownload PDF version of Dumaguete – Apo Island Itinerary


Nice to Know

Apo Island is the first community-based marine sanctuary in the country and it served as a role model to other towns like Cebu and Bohol to create more sanctuariesapo island marine sanctuary. swim with the turtles. my travel digest.

Marine Turtle Sanctuary is just near the shore. Mostly green sea turtle species are found because they feed on sea grasses in the shallows.

Electricity in Apo Island is only available a few hours in the evenings.

mytraveldigest sea glass
Seaglasses at the coralstone shore of Apo Island

There are many sea glasses at the shores due to improper trash disposal from the main island. I saw ones with Tanduay and Emperador marks still obvious on the sea glasses. Look how the sea waves make these bottle trash into a beach gem!

Not really nice to know: Marine Reserve is closed for rehabilitation due to severe reef damages caused by the previous typhoons, Sendong and Pablo. There are however many other diving and snorkeling points to enjoy.

You can view a panoramic underwater google map of Apo Island Marine Reserve–explore now at your screen!

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7 thoughts on “APO ISLAND & TWIN LAKES (Cebu – Dumaguete) Itinerary and Notes

  1. Nice one, Karen! We went to Apo Island recently, and it is definitely a beautiful island. But the real treasure of the island is underwater. We went scuba diving in Apo Island. We saw huge, huge virgin coral gardens, vast schools of fish, gigantic green turtles (bigger than the ones in the sanctuary), and more.

    We are planning to go diving there again; there are 8 (before 11) dive sites surrounding the island, all having its own unique characteristics.


    1. Hi Gian! We saw bigger turtles a little deeper as well. We didn’t do scuba because we don’t have much time and we havent tried scuba before but I’m sure it’s beautiful deeper underwater…I’d like to join one of your scuba adventures someday! 🙂


        1. Thank youuuu. I really want to try that! (but afraid that I’ll have another addiction) haha


          1. Hehehe! Don’t worry, Karen. The DSD, assuming it is handled well, is designed to give you a taste of scuba diving. If you like it, then you can go for full certification.

            The PADI certification is quite expensive, true. But in the long run, if you plan to dive frequently, will save you lots of money since each dive will be 50% less than the DSD rate.

            Liked by 1 person

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