Twin Lakes, Negros. MyTravelDigest

Our Story: Enchanting Twin Lakes (Balinsasayao, Sibulan)

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes is located in Sibulan, Negros, just about 20-30 minute jeepney ride from Dumaguete City and another 40 min habal-habal (motorcycle) ride from the highway to the lakes.

It is a truly enchanting place, not only because of its lovely serene view but because we had a strange experience.

mytraveldigest. balinsasayao lake
Balinsasayao Twin Lakes. Negros Oriental Attraction.

While enjoying the view and taking pictures, Loveli’s phone suddenly freeze and when rebooted to take another picture, it just unexpectedly turned off and won’t turn on again even though she was sure that it still has enough battery life.  Then on the way back to Dumaguete City, cousin Mayeen realized that she mistakenly gave a 500 peso bill instead of a 20 peso bill for the change to our habal² driver. It was already dark when we were back at the jump off area so she didn’t notice the difference.  When she did realize it, Loveli’s phone has started working again. Nalukat na?

Twin Lakes. My Travel Digest.
Our ride on the way to the Twin Lakes

Was it because we haggled with the P200 habal² fare or was it because we decided late with hesitation to visit the Twin Lakes or just plainly unlucky?

Or all of the above?

Nevertheless, we are still lucky to have a glimpse of this enchanting serene lake. We didn’t try the boat ride or kayak or swim around which are other activities you can do because it was getting dark.

Here’s a few of our photos (opens in another window) Twin Lakes, Negros. MyTravelDigest . .

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5 thoughts on “Our Story: Enchanting Twin Lakes (Balinsasayao, Sibulan)

  1. Sheila and I are planning to dive back in Apo Island, but this time, we’ll be staying in Dumaguete rather than in Apo Island. Visiting these lakes should be in our bucket list as our side trip.


    1. Sounds great! There are many more interesting places near Dumaguete and I realized that after seeing their tourist map. 🙂


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