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SEA GLASS | Letting nature do the work

“Seaglass: is the ocean’s way of telling us that if you give it something breakable, it will turn it into something beautiful.”

Sea glasses always fascinate me. It is called a reverse gem because it is from man-made trash and was polished by ocean waves, while diamonds and gold were from nature but were polished by man.

When  I found many sea glasses on the shores of Apo Island, I was happy but sad at the same time. I also saw beautiful ones in Coron and Siargao, but it was a rare find. Not like in Apo Island, there’s plenty of them. When we got to the other side of the island, there are many bottles in the rocky area and that explains why there are a lot of sea glasses here.

I believe this came from the main island and washed ashore here. I saw ones made from Tanduay and Emperador bottles, the popular hard drinks in the Philippines; their embossed marks still obvious on the sea glasses. The green ones might be from sprite bottles; the brown ones maybe from beer bottles.

It was disappointing and I could only hope that more people learn how to throw their trash properly. It’s simple.

Please don’t get too drunk that you become unaware that you’re leaving nature with too much work.

Look how the ocean waves transformed these trash glass bottles into such beautiful beach gems. The ocean is doing a great job in recycling trash. Kudos!

mytraveldigest sea glass
Seaglasses at the coralstone shore of Apo Island



6 thoughts on “SEA GLASS | Letting nature do the work

  1. I’m collecting sea glass and wanna go to Apo Island specifically just to collect them. Are there many sea glass on the shore?


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