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Sea Glass | Poetry in Nature

We always love to go deeper
   into the ocean to dive for black pearls
Or farther at the other end of the rainbow
   to look for treasures like a pot of gold
Or to find diamonds that’s so rare
   that we must dig deeper and darker into caves

Never knowing that some treasures are—
   unlike gold, nontranslucent, yellow and dark
   unlike diamonds, too bright and blinding
   unlike pearls, white or black and iridescent
And not like any crystal glass, not highly transparent

Sometimes they are opaque
With colors of amber or emerald
And as beautiful as jade and turquoise
They are crafted by nature like unbreakable stones
Hardened, sculpted and polished by the ocean waves
  and washed ashore
  yet hardly noticeable.

Sea glass, a real gem.
by Karen Rae Arnoco



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