Digesting Travel Memories

This was the last thing I expected to enjoy. Staying home for days never crossed my mind before.

Yet, I have afforded myself a weeklong “staycation”. Never spent a single cent. Never went out far from the front gate. Never craved for a cup of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Never tasted Potato Corner fries when visiting a mall. Never jogged at the paved roads. Never got sunburns or darker skin from staying long at the beach or in the mountains. Never sneezed at the smell and dust of old-but-still-good used clothes at the ukay-ukay or secondhand stores.

These things I used to enjoy now seems vain. Not that I would never enjoy these things again, because I will always love the calm and peace the ocean brings, and I do look forward to action-packed adventures and refreshing experiences during mountain trips.

At this time, I feel better knowing that I’m doing great without engaging in outdoor activities. There was this growing need to give myself a break from all these, and in effect reduce my carbon footprint.

Some friends texted me asking how am I doing. Most of the time, I am the one who initiates a text message to ask them for a coffee, a beer, or a jog with me. They asked me what’s keeping me busy.

I actually traveled.

Without leaving home, I traveled through the minds of other people, explored their feelings and lost sense of time by reading great books. I revisited memories of the lovely beaches and lofty mountains by browsing through old photo albums. I experienced the good moments in my life twice by drafting blog posts of my previous travels (I will publish them sometime soon).

Like what Anais Nin put it in her journal:We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in restrospect. — Anaïs Nin

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