San Juan, La Union

Riding baby waves | Surfing in La Union

La Union, which is about 5 hours bus ride from Manila, is a surfer’s haven. This laid-back town is widely known as the closest surfing spot from Metro Manila. Almost anytime of the year you can happily catch the waves here. Peak Season is… Continue reading Riding baby waves | Surfing in La Union


A Beautiful Truth: Boracay Turquoise turned Green

The Republic of Boracay vs Algal Bloom People noticed what appeared to be an ugly sight of green seaweeds along the long-stretched White Beach. Main Issue: Did it kill its beauty? Was there malice? Was murder committed? Bloom pleaded not guilty. Having the presence of these green organisms alienate many tourists. The beach is now seen as uninviting. It is anymore as enticing compared to when it had crystal clear waters. Fewer people are swimming around since nobody wants to dip and touch the slimy greens in the near-shore area; most people only love swimming in turquoise waters. However, it is important to fully … Continue reading A Beautiful Truth: Boracay Turquoise turned Green

APO ISLAND & TWIN LAKES (Cebu – Dumaguete) Itinerary and Notes

We traveled by car from Cebu City to Liloan Port, Santander. From there we took a banca ride to Sibulan Port then rode a jeepney to Dumaguete. In the afternoon we went to the Twin Lakes and spent a night in a Dumaguete hostel, then early morning the next day we went to Zamboangita wharf and took the 30-min boat ride to Apo Island. The water is calm during summer, but most of the time it is going to be a rough ride. There is nothing to worry though as boat incidents are rare; it is just a 30 minute ride from … Continue reading APO ISLAND & TWIN LAKES (Cebu – Dumaguete) Itinerary and Notes

When in Dumaguete

Dumaguete City is attractive to foreign retirees because of the low cost of living and also the slow pace of life.  We noticed many of them down the boulevard enjoying a chat with their friends. It’s a smoke-free city. Also, it is a great place to visit for a food trip because there are lots of great restaurants, especially around their boulevard which is located near the coastline. You won’t have any problems with the transportation because there are many tricycles available to take you from your doorstep to anywhere around the city for a minimum of P7.50/P8.00. To go to … Continue reading When in Dumaguete